Our Rooms and Packages

Spacious and Complete Rooms for Mothers to Rest and Recover

Our Rooms and Packages

Spacious and Complete Rooms for Mothers to Rest and Recover

Private & Well Equipped Rooms

Staying in during your 28 days of confinement period to rest and recover is not easy. That’s why specially designed spacious rooms so that you don’t feel “locked in” and large screen Smart TV to keep you entertained during your confinement stay

Premium Room Package

Package includes:

– Our most spacious rooms with attached bathrooms
– Luxurious King-sized beds
– 49″ Smart TV
– Personal Baby Cot in the Room
– Small dining table
– Free Stay-In for Daddy (Meals not included)

**Limited Rooms, Subject to Availability**

VIP Room Package

Package includes:

– Comfortably spacious rooms
– Luxurious Queen-sized beds
– 40″ Smart TV
– Sofa

**Limited Rooms, Subject to Availability**

All Packages Include

WiFi & Big-Screen Smart TV

Stay connected always with your friends and family digitally and for your personal entertainment during your stay

Nutritious Meals Daily

Specially curated meal menus for replenishing and re-nourishing the nutritional need for mother and for production of breastmilk

Personal Air-Conditioning

Adjust the temperature according to your own preferred temperature, whenever you like. Its all about keeping you comfortable

Free Flow of Beverages

Red-Date Tea (boost immune systems and replenish/nourish blood) and Ginger Tea (for warmth and prevent “wind” in the body)

Herbs and Baby Products

28 individually packed set of herbs for replenishing the nutritional needs of mothers and organic products for your baby

Personal Buzzers

Receive service from our well trained staff and nurse when you need them, such as to bring your baby for breastfeeding

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to be able to serve you at our confinement centre in KL and take care of you and your baby's health and giving you a helpful hand during the 28 days transition to being a new parent right after giving birth. We hope to see you and your baby soon. Thank you!

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