Our Rooms and Packages

You have done and endured well after months of pregnancy and giving birth and it is time for you to rest well, eat well and recover well during your 28 days confinement stay with us at Santorini Confinement Centre. Our confinement centre and rooms are spacious and filled with natural lights through the windows that makes you feel like home but with full room services. All rooms come with large Smart TVs and beds for Mummy to rest comfortably without feeling bored.


Premier Room Package

Package includes:

– Our most spacious rooms with attached bathrooms
– Luxurious King-sized beds
– 49″ Smart TV
– Personal Baby Cot in the Room
– Small dining table
– Free Stay-In for Daddy (Meals and laundry service not included)

**Limited Rooms, Subject to Availability**
Santorini Confinement Centre KL building exterior

VIP Room Package

Package includes:

– Comfortably spacious rooms
– Luxurious Queen-sized beds
– 40″ Smart TV
– Sofa


**Limited Rooms, Subject to Availability**

All Packages includes

Personal Air-Conditioning

Some like it warmer, some like it cooler. Whatever you like, you control and choose whichever that makes you more comfortable.


Every rooms get its own 28 individually pack set of herbs for replenishing the nutritional needs of mothers right after giving birth

Organic Baby Products

We provide and use organic baby products; cleanser, lotions and creams that are known to be safe and gentle with baby’s skin

Room Entertainment

Large Smart TVs for every room to keep Mummy occupied and continue to watch her favourite TV dramas 

Free Flow Beverages

Flasks of freshly prepared Red Date Tea (boost immune systems and replenishes and nourishes blood) and Ginger Tea (for warmth and prevent “wind” in the body)

Nutritious Meals Daily

Delicious and nutritious meals, all freshly prepared with options for Mummy to choose from daily. Meal menus are specially curated for replenishing and re-nourishing the nutritional need for new mothers and for the production of breastmilk

Personal Buzzers

Receive service from our well-trained staff and nurse whenever you need them, such as request for your baby when it is time for breastfeeding

High level of Hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene is our priority for both Mummy and Baby. Apart from daily housekeeping, we also regularly sanitize the room (and baby nursery) with ultraviolet (UV) lamp disinfectant.

Laundry Services

Clean and fresh clothes for mummies and babies everyday


Cleanliness and hygiene is a top priority at our confinement centre, for the safety and health of the mothers and babies staying in our centre.

We and our staff are trained to follow strict procedures to ensure that contamination of germs and bacterias is kept to the lowest risk.

Our cleaning processes involve clearing up physical things by daily housekeeping (vacuuming) and cleaning.

For microscopic things you cannot see like potential germs and bacterias in the air, we sanitize our centre and rooms with ultraviolet (UV) lamp disinfectant, effectively killing any microorganisms or harmful pathogen in the air, effectively reduce the possibility of being infected by MRSA, hand foot mouth disease, cold, flu, and many other similar type of bacteria.

Our UV germicidal lamp will effectively disinfect the area, surfaces and air within minutes; without using any harmful chemical sprays.

Contact Us

Reach out to us with your Expected Due Date to check for room availability because our rooms are very limited. Follow us on our Facebook for our latest promotional offer updates or check out our review page for all the wonderful reviews that we have received from Mummies who have stayed in our confinement centre.