Santorini Confinement Centre

Activities & Events

Bringing the FUN into Confinement Period

Acupuncture Therapy & Yoga

Release unwanted tension around your body by targeting the right pressure points for relieve and improving blood circulation

Sound Healing & Yoga

Expedite the healing process by entering into a realm of relaxation with our Sound Healing guru

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is a day for celebration! Whether with your family or with other Mummies, it is time to have fun together because it is the Baby’s first Christmas! 

Lattern Festival

We are delighted to celebrate this day with your newborn. Your baby’s first lattern festival experience!

Santorini Confinement Centre Staff’s Covid-19 Vaccination

We take safety of everyone very seriously #LindungDiriLindungSemua #kitajagakita

Contact Us

Reach out to us with your Expected Due Date to check for room availability because our rooms are very limited. Follow us on our Facebook for our latest promotional offer updates or check out our review page for all the wonderful reviews that we have received from Mummies who have stayed in our confinement centre.