FAQ about our Confinement Centre

How Do I Get Started?


Check Room Availability

Kindly notify us with your Expected Due Date for us to check on room availability for your 28 days stay with us


Book Appointment

Visit us at our Centre, see our Room Packages and features and pay a deposit to secure your booking


Let Us Take Care of You & Baby

After the safe delivery of your Precious Little One, check-in to our Centre and let us take care of everything else

Other Frequently Asked Questions about our Centre

What are the things I need to bring (not provided by the centre)?

1. Items that MOTHER should bring
a) Sweater and personal clothing
b) Disposable underwear
c) Maternity pads
d) Sarong
e) Personal toiletries (e.g. soap, shampoo, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower cap,
f) Breast pump (optional)
g) Breastmilk storage bags/bottles (optional)
h) Formula milk (optional)

2. Items that should be brought for the BABY:
a) One set of baby clothes upon leaving Confinement Centre
b) Baby blanket and hoodie
c) Tummy massage oil

Does your confinement centre provides laundry services?

Yes, free laundry services for mommies and babies.

How many meals will be provided in a day?

Our confinement centre provides 5 nutritious meals daily at the following time schedule (kindly allow +/- 30 minutes)

  1. Breakfast – 8am
  2. Lunch – 12 noon
  3. Tea – 3pm
  4. Dinner – 6pm
  5. Supper – 8pm

We also serve nutritious vitality soup every day during supper.

How are the meals arrangement like?

Each meal (lunch & dinner) will consist of 2 dishes and 1 soup.
The 2 dishes will be 1 protein dish (pork/chicken/fish) and 1 vegetable dish.

Our confinement centre meal menu rotates bi-weekly basis for a wider variety of dishes, subjected to market availability.

But what if I have certain dietary restrictions or preferences?

If you have a certain preference (such as no fish / no pork / no veggie),  please inform us beforehand so that we can make arrangement for you with our chef.

Can I bring in my own food like herbal tonics or medicines?

Yes, you may but please be aware that our centre will not be responsible for any adverse effect that you may have, as a result of consuming such food.

Please consult with us in advance about what you wish to have as we may have it at our centre.

What is the centre's visiting hours and rules?

Visiting hours are from 10am to 9pm daily.


Can the Husband stay with the Mummy overnight?

Only the Husbands of Premium package customers are allowed to stay overnight in our Centre

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to be able to serve you at our confinement centre in KL and take care of you and your baby's health and giving you a helpful hand during the 28 days transition to being a new parent right after giving birth. We hope to see you and your baby soon. Thank you!

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Office Hours

Monday : 9am-5pm
Tuesday : 9am-5pm
Wednesday : 9am-5pm
Thursday : 9am-5pm
Friday : 9am-5pm
Saturday : 9am-5pm
Sunday : 9am-2pm