Preparing the Pig Stomach Pork Rib Pepper Soup
– Santorini Confinement Centre


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) belief, the pig stomach soup cooked with pepper is believed to be very helpful for mothers during the confinement period. Why?

During the confinement period (after giving birth), it is a fact that a mother loses large amounts of fluid and blood during childbirth.

When warm blood and bodily fluids are lost during labor and delivery, the mother’s body is left in “cold”. Therefore, mothers go into confinement period to rebalances the body by encouraging heat and avoiding cold.

It is believed pig stomach pepper soup helps to warm the mother’s stomach and abdomen region, invigorates qi and fortifies the body.

Today our confinement meal specialist chef, Aunt Lin, will show us how she prepares her delicious and stomach-warming soup.



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