Priscilla Lim
17th March 2019

It's been a real great experience with Santorini confinement centre during this period. I would say, everything is above my expectations. I still remember when I first check-in, I've no idea on how and where to start.. especially letting baby latch, expressing milk, how to use a pump even.. the nurses here patiently guide me through and support me throughout the journey. Being first-time mom, I'm glad I choose to stay with Santorini Confinement Centre, as I've gained a lot of knowledge from each and everyone in the centre. One thing I must highlight, their services are excellent! whenever I have an issue, comment.. they make changes and rectification. No doubt it's a pretty new centre, but the people here really use their heart to help, to listen and to service. I know my baby is in a good hand, I can really rest well during this period. glad that I made this choice. Highly recommended!

Brilliant thanks to Florence, Alan, all the lovely Nurses (sorry couldn't name out one by one), super helpful Kakak Ina, as well as the Chef too!