Rachel Toh
30th October 2018

Confinement Centre plays a very important role in providing the best and relaxing services for mother and baby. I had wonderful week at Santorini Cc.

*Spacious Room
*Good portion and healthy confinement food
*Professional services from the friendly crews
*Professional masseur for the urut
*When they said bao ka liao (Everything is included) for the baby, they really mean it. They have bottles, diapers, clothes, baby bath and everything you can think of for the baby.
*The environment is always keep at the temperature between 25 to 26 degree. You can also adjust the temperature in your room
*You can choose to eat at the common lounge or inside your room
*They sterilise your room and the baby room using UV Light
*Good tv programme with big screen

Unfortunately, I can only stay there for a week due to committed to another confinement centre which they can't accommodate me and my baby as my baby is delivered 3 weeks earlier than the expected date.