Why Parents Choose Us

As Their Confinement Centre Choice in KL

Why Parents Choose Us

As Their Confinement Centre Choice in KL

Why Parents Choose Us

As Their Confinement Centre Choice in KL

Why Choose Santorini Confinement Centre

Spaciously Private

We designed our confinement centre and rooms with a lot of wide and open spaces for mothers not to feel caged in a tight space and nowhere to go around.

For mothers who like to walk around; take advantage of our open air and green areas to relax their eyes and breathe in fresh air whenever they like.

Don’t worry about your privacy because we are located in a quiet residential neighborhood. Our centre is 3 storeys tall corner unit with high fence wall, ensuring mothers of their privacy.


Cleanliness and hygiene is a top priority at our confinement centre, for the safety and health of the mothers and babies staying in our centre.

We and our staff are trained to follow strict procedures to ensure that contamination of germs and bacterias is kept to the lowest.

Our cleaning processes involve clearing up physical things by daily housekeeping (vacuuming) and cleaning.

For microscopic things you cannot see like potential germs and bacterias in the air, we sanitize our centre and rooms with ultraviolet (UV) lamp disinfectant, effectively killing any microorganisms or harmful pathogen in the air, effectively reduce the possibility of being infected by MRSA, hand foot mouth disease, cold, flu, and many other similar type of bacteria.

Our UV germicidal lamp will effectively disinfect the area, surfaces and air within minutes; without using any harmful chemical sprays.


Our confinement centre in KL is located conveniently around major cities and townships:

  • 2km from Bukit Jalil
  • 7km from Taman OUG
  • 8km from Bandar Tun Razak
  • 10km from Cheras
  • 10km from Seri Kembangan and Serdang
  • 14km Bangsar
  • 14km from Sunway City
  • 15km from KL City Centre and KLCC
  • 15km from Puchong
  • 16km from Ampang

Making it convenient for daddies to visit after work or family members from home to come and visit.

Sri Petaling is also blessed with many food options and eateries for daddies or visiting family members to enjoy before or after visiting mommy and baby.

Interested to know more about our centre?

Contact us today to make an appointment and let us take you for a tour around our confinement centre. Let us know your Expected Due Date and we'll share with you about our room availability, packages and current promotions

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to be able to serve you at our confinement centre in KL and take care of you and your baby's health and giving you a helpful hand during the 28 days transition to being a new parent right after giving birth. We hope to see you and your baby soon. Thank you!

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Office Hours

Monday : 9am-5pm
Tuesday : 9am-5pm
Wednesday : 9am-5pm
Thursday : 9am-5pm
Friday : 9am-5pm
Saturday : 9am-5pm
Sunday : 9am-2pm