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Welcome to Santorini

Confinement Centre in Sri Petaling, KL

We are a confinement in Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur, providing postnatal and postpartum care for new mothers to rest, recover, rejuvenate and re-nourish themselves back to health, for the next 28 days after giving birth. Our confinement is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur, away from the busy & noisy KL commercial city and traffic, for mothers and babies to rest & recover peacefully.

At our confinement centre, we combine traditional confinement practices with modern medical knowledge, for both mothers and babies to receive the best of both world and beliefs. We understand for new mothers, adjusting to motherhood will be challenging to handle alone. Especially after 9 months of pregnancy, to have your body well-rested and return to its non-pregnant state, receiving enough nutrients to replenish and re-energize your body while establishing a bond with your baby and receiving support and nutrient for successful breastfeeding.

So if you’re looking for a confinement centre in KL for you to rest & recover after giving birth and have a team of helpful people to take care of you, your baby’s health and everything else, you came to the right place!

About Our Confinement Centre


Our rooms are designed with generous and wide space for mothers to rest and recover comfortably without feeling “confined” or locked in a tight space


Our chef has over 20 years of experience cooking nutritious, healthy and delicious food for mothers to regain their health and energy


Light stretching, exercise or simply just breathe in fresh air on our private “Sky Garden” balcony while taking in natural vitamin D for mothers and babies

Why Choose Us

Quiet Residential Neighbourhood

Conveniently located in KL but without all the busy commercial activities and traffic

Spacious Rooms & Comfortable Beds

Rest well in our generously spacious rooms & large latex mattresses with spinal support

Ensure Cleanliness & Hygiene for Your Health

Taking care of both mother and baby’s health by ensuring hygiene and cleanliness

Experienced & Dedicated Confinement Team

Experience team in confinement and postnatal care and taking care of babies


“I had wonderful week at Santorini Cc.

*Spacious Room
*Good portion and healthy confinement food
*Professional services from the friendly crews
*Professional masseur for the urut
*When they said bao ka liao (Everything is included) for the baby, they really mean it. They have bottles, diapers, clothes, baby bath and everything you can think of for the baby….”

Mommy Rachel & Baby Carlos

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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to be able to serve you at our confinement centre in KL and take care of you and your baby's health and giving you a helpful hand during the 28 days transition to being a new parent right after giving birth. We hope to see you and your baby soon. Thank you!

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