Santorini Confinement Centre KL

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Luxuriously Spacious Rooms

At Santorini Confinement Centre, we want Mummies to be able to rest and recover well after her long enduring pregnancy and we start with our spacious rooms so that Mummy doesn’t feel suffocated or confined. All our rooms come with large beds (starting with a luxurious Queen-sized beds in our smallest room) and our Premier Room comes with a luxurious King-sized beds, comfortably allowing Daddy (and your older child) to stay-in with Mummy. 

Professional & Well Experienced Staff

Postpartum care is an important part of a woman’s recovery after childbirth. It helps ensure that both mother and baby are healthy and well-cared for during this confinement period. Our postnatal care includes regular check-ups with our panel doctor and pediatrician, which can help detect any potential problems or complications for both mother and baby before they become serious. We focus on helping the new mom adjust to life with a newborn – providing emotional support as well as helpful tips on breastfeeding, sleep routines, nutrition, taking care of baby’s umbilical cord stump, etc.

Nutritious & Delicious Traditional and Modern Meals 

Apart from resting well, we believe that new mothers need to eat well too in order to replenish what were loss during childbirth and supplement with proper nourishment  to improve blood circulation and improve the production of breastmilk. Mothers can choose from our menu of either traditional or modern cuisines but rest ensured that our menus are carefully designed by experienced nutritionist to complement the healing process and improve lactation ability. Our meals are all freshly prepared daily by our in-house chef.       

Postnatal Wellness & Exercise Programs 

Apart from resting and eating well, we want to help mothers to recuperate better and quicker back to her usual self. We provide both traditional and modern wellness programs and activities such as traditional postnatal massages to modern practice such as postnatal yoga classes, acupuncture, sound healing and many more. 

Quiet, Relaxing and Expansive Living 

We believe in providing an environment that is most similar to home so that Mummy will be able to adapt easier when the confinement period ends. We invested in setting up in a quiet residential neighbourhood that offers peacefulness and openness without the busy traffic of vehicles and people hurrying along their days. Take a short walk or rest in our open areas such our big open balcony to get some fresh air, do some light stretching and a bit of gentle morning/evening sunshine for you and your baby. It can be quite relaxing!      

Convenient Location 

Our confinement centre is located in KL, (Sri Petaling) we are just 15km from KL City Centre, making it convenient for Daddy or family members to visit Mummy from KL offices after work. We are also strategically located nearby some major townships

  • 2km from Bukit Jalil
  • 7km from Taman OUG
  • 8km from Bandar Tun Razak
  • 10km from Cheras
  • 10km from Seri Kembangan and Serdang
  • 14km Bangsar
  • 14km from Sunway City
  • 15km from KL City Centre and KLCC
  • 15km from Puchong
  • 16km from Ampang

In addition, Sri Petaling is blessed with many food options and eateries for daddies or visiting family members to enjoy before or after visiting Mommy and Baby.


Contact Us

Reach out to us with your Expected Due Date to check for room availability because our rooms are very limited. Follow us on our Facebook for our latest promotional offer updates or check out our review page for all the wonderful reviews that we have received from Mummies who have stayed in our confinement centre.